1st Joint AADFI-ADFIAP CEO Forum 13 - 16th November 2012, Johannesburg (Republic of South Africa)

Joint Message from the AADFI & ADFIAP Chairs

In 2010, AADFI and ADFIAP signed a Memorandum of Cooperation aimed at strengthening the relationship between the two continental bodies in promoting sustainable development financing. With this agreement, both organizations are able to provide their constituencies with a new window for collaborative opportunities and an enlarged network for learning and experience-sharing on best practices and successes among development finance institutions (DFIs) in Africa and in Asia and the Pacific.

Since 2010, both Associations have worked together in the areas of capacity–building, investment promotion and advocacy for financing sustainable development. AADFI has leveraged on the successes of some Asia-Pacific DFIs through observatory learning programs conducted by ADFIAP for African DFIs which were held in Malaysia in 2010, in South Korea in 2011and in India this year.

It is in line with this spirit of revitalized cooperation that the two regional Associations have agreed to hold a joint CEO Forum to foster closer cooperation among CEOs and senior management of DFIs in both continents.

The objectives of the joint forum are:

• To develop a closer working relationship among CEOs and senior executives of DFIs and their strategic stakeholders in Africa and in Asia and the Pacific,
• To share and learn best practices in development financing operations,
• To develop a network for cross-border financing and investment promotion by DFIs in the continents,
• To support an effort at promoting inclusive socio-economic development in the continents through South-South cooperation among DFIs.

The theme of the 1st AADFI-ADFIAP Joint CEO Forum to be held on November 13-15, 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa is “Promoting South-South Cooperation among DFIs through Value Chain Financing in Africa and Asia and the Pacific”. The concepts and models of value chain finance have been globally accepted as one of the solutions to the funding challenges of the micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sector. In the Asia-Pacific region, the model has been very successful in addressing the financing problems of the MSMEs as it benefits both small and large operators in a value chain. Thus, the Forum workshops, among others, aim to create a knowledge platform for DFIs and their stakeholders to discuss challenges faced in integrating MSMEs into the global value chain financing from the African and Asia-Pacific perspective.

We thank both our hosts, the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC) and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) for graciously supporting us in this very first edition of the joint AADFI-ADFIAP CEO Forum. We are indeed delighted of this cooperation as we look forward to welcoming the cream of professionals in the development financing community to this auspicious event.

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of South Africa, and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) are pleased to host the 1st Joint CEO Forum of the Association of African Development Finance Institutions (AADFI) and the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia & the Pacific (ADFIAP).

The IDC and DBSA are committed to development financing as critical tool for achieving growth, development and poverty alleviation in our continents. Achieving sustainable socio-economic development is a challenge to most developing countries across the globe.

Therefore efforts to address this challenge will be boosted through cross-border cooperation among development financing institutions. This initiative of the AADFI and ADFIAP also adds impetus to a broader call for strengthened South–South Cooperation for development, which attracted our support.

It is our shared belief that DFIs in both continents should work more closely to fulfill their mandates for sustainable growth and development in both continents.

We are happy to be associated with this programme and we assure all delegates to this event of the South African hospitality.