Who comprises the AC Team

AC’s roster of consultants consists of practitioners with extensive work experience in the field of development banking, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) development, environmental and sustainability management and reporting, corporate governance, social responsibility, organizational development and management, training and human capital development and related sustainable development areas.

How does AC work?

AC uses a multi-disciplinary team approach in its engagements to empower its clients to expand their productive capacities and be responsive to the changing demands in pursuit for economic, environmental and social sustainability. The AC team provides the needed support to ensure client satisfaction and project performance.

The AC Team likewise shares common values, beliefs, attitudes and expectations, producing norms that powerfully shape the behaviour of its consultants and one that provides an environment of trust, teamwork and innovation. Given AC’s distinctive competencies, its clients are assured that projects will be undertaken with genuine concern for the ultimate beneficiaries of each service offering. Enthusiasm and willingness to empathize with the clients’ situation will be a major consideration in project implementation as they pursue their sustainability agenda.

What services can AC provide?

Capacity Building – considering the extensive experience of the AC team in the field of development finance, particularly in the ESG areas (environment, social and governance), capacity building of development finance institutions (DFIs) and their clients is its major strength. It designs, develops and conducts capacity building programs tailored-fit to the needs of the DFIs and/or its clients in undertaking sustainable development projects.

Institutional Building and Strengthening – AC conducts advisory and consultancy services on building and strengthening DFIs and same-purposed institutions involved in micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Enterprise Development – AC has always recognized the potential of MSMEs as a viable mechanism in achieving a balanced and sustainable economic growth. Thus, AC offers its Enterprise Help Desk to allow budding entrepreneurs receive professional advice in determining the prospects of a business venture and analyze the potentials of its business plans before securing a loan. It also provides ideas for starting up or expanding its operations and concretizing these in written business plans which could be used as a basis for a loan application.

Professional Coaching – AC provides expert coaching and mentoring services to help institutional clients identify their goals and develop strategies and action plans to achieve their greatest potentials. AC’s professional coaching team helps motivate clients, and enables them to self-manage their operations by monitoring their progress towards implementation of their action plans. Together they evolve and modify the plan to best suit the client’s need and environmental relationship. They likewise act as mirrors to their clients and teach skills that may empower them towards the attainment of their goals.

Financial Advisory – AC provides professional financial advice to DFIs and their clients, particularly MSMEs to improve their financial planning and management. AC assists them also in coming up with a correct financing scheme for its business activities and their cash flow operations. AC likewise gives sound financial advice to ensure availability of funds to finance operations and meet current obligations. Assistance is also given in the preparation of feasibility studies and other related loan requirements in securing financial assistance from banking institutions.

Program Management – AC designs and implements various development interventions in the lending process catered to the developmental needs of the DFIs and same- purposed institutions to improve margins for profitability and sustainability. AC likewise formulates programs that support the realization of the mandates of DFIs, thereby attaining sustainable economic, social and environmental growth.