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In keeping with your Association’s green advocacy to limit the use of paper, printing ink and other materials as well as in reducing the Secretariat’s carbon footprint, we wish to inform our esteemed members that the one-pager publications entitled, Chief Executive Memogenda, SME Toolbox, Greenbank and Governance will be sent in electronic form via email beginning January 2011 and will be made available 24×7 in the ADFIAP website, .

The ADFIAP Newsletter will be available in two options: printed and online, with the latter available in the above weblink.

To download these publications, members should use a username and password.

The Association also provides free subscription of these ADFIAP newsletters to partners and, on request, to other development institutions.

Some journals and books are for sale to non-members at reasonable prices at the ADFIAP e-Library.

Visit ADFIAP e-Library for more valuable readings and articles!

One-Pager Publications (Free for Members)

SME Toolbox

Quarterly one-pager on news, ideas and tips on small & medium enterprises.

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Quarterly digest of corporate governance issues, trends and best practices.

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Bi-montlhy briefing on environmental banking news, issues and trends.

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Monthly brief on management ideas, trends and best practices in banking.

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Newsletter (Free for Members & Non-Members)


Bi-monthly newsletter on people, events, and activities of the Association, its members and partners.

E – Newsletter (Free for Members & Non-Members)

The Role of National Development Banks in Catalyzing International Climate Finance (Free for Members & Non-Members)

There is a need to scale up private sector investments in climate change mitigation, and international climate finance can play a catalytic role to make this happen.

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Annual Report (Free for Members) Click here:

Annual Report

Highlights of the year’s projects, programs and activities, complete with featured articles and other relevant information on the Association.

Journal of Development Finance (Free for Members)

To request for a copy of Journal of Development Finance back issue, email the Knowledge Management Team c/o Robert Juan with copy to Enrique Florencio

Journal of Development Finance (JDF)
Thematic publication on development banking and related issues.

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Paid Publications(Free for Members) Click here:

Book Series on “The Development Financing in Asia & the Pacific:
Its Evolution & Impact” (Volume 1)

Describes in detail the success of development financing in the growth of India, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Thailand after the Pacific war.

Book Series on “The Development Financing in Asia & the Pacific:
Its Evolution & Impact” (Volume 2)

Elaborates on the application pf policy-based finance in Japan and China, and the evolution of development financing in Turkey and Fuji.

Book Series on “Principles and Practices of Development Banking”
(Volume 1)

Covers the concept and theory of development banking; the business of development banking; experiences of selected Asian and African development banks; financial policies and resource mobilization practices; organization structures and communication systems; relationship with government and how development banks are changing in the present environment.

Book Series on “Principles and Practices of Development Banking”
(Volume 2)

Defines the objectives, history and the role of development bank in national economic development and covers the impact of development banks on the community, the promotion and innovation processes undertaken, the activities, priorities and prospects of development banking from the perspectives abd experiences of eminent persons in the field.

Book Series on “Principles and Practices of Development Banking”
(Volume 3)

Features the genesis of the regional associations of development banks and their development roles; the project cycle used by the World Bank for long-term development projects; the different views of chief executives of DFIs on the profitability of a development bank; notes on how the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation became profitable in financing long-term development projects; the role of development banks in the twenty-first century and the characteristics of successful development banks.

cover KPI Key Performance Indicators for Development Finance Institutions: A Complete User Package
Download: KPI for DFI Manual