Dr. Sailendra Narain, Chairman, Centre for SME Growth and Development Finance (CESMED)

From your perspective, why do you think the SDGs are important for DFIs as a way forward?
Answer: DFIs as a group are an important channel to meet most of the objectives of the SDGs. Most of the objectives of SDGs would need financial support for successsful implementation.

From where your institution operates, how do you think these SDGs will impact inclusive development in your country through your DFI?
Answer: DFIs in India are committed to finance inclusive growth, finance projects which are socially responsible and economically viable , socially responsible directed towards erradication of poverty and contribution to the National economy.

What projects have your institution financed /supported that are in line with the SDGs? (e.g., in the areas of poverty reduction, clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, clean water and sanitation, etc.). Please list as many specific projects as possible.
Answer: My institution is engaged in advising the Government , support institutions and DFIs regarding SME development in India and other parts of Asia and The Pacific.

Please provide additional insights or suggestions for ADFIAP to undertake in relation to DFIs and SDGs.
The outcomes of DFIs resolutions at the ADFIAP meetings and ADFIAP’s suggestions forwarded to Member DFIs need implementation.

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