Eco-frontier raises green real state fund

Eco-Frontier is raising green real estate funds to construct a suitable energy-efficiency and energy-recycling system, insulation, automatic ventilation system, and superior recycling system – for each building by purchasing or remodeling aged buildings. The funds enable transforming building into eco-friendly construction and at the same time, pursue economic profits.

This effort of Eco-Frontier is to help prevent global warming where the whole world is focusing its effort to reduce energy usage, as well as using renewable energy. As other industries, the real estate field is also moving its market to consider sustainability and the green sides.

It is essential for residential and commercial real estate to consider sustainability aspects because the amount of energy consumption in this field is very large in quantity. This perspective of the green real estate is showing visible performance of the reduction in co2 emissions, water consumption, and waste emissions as well as these following practical improvements: reduction of operating costs, improvement of the value of building, and increased percentage of rents.

Currently green real estate market is being formed around the United States and Europe. The markets are actively introducing eco-friendly facility certification system such as LEED (U.S.), BREEAM (UK) as well as a range of support policies and incentives by government. Moreover, based on national energy scheme and low carbon green growth strategy, domestic green real estate policies related to expansion policies of green home, green building are under its establishment