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What is the EGS project?

The EGS is an 18-month, € 346,446-grant project that aims to support ADFIAP’s “Greening of DFIs” Project through an EU-Asia Environmental Governance Partnership that leads to the development and initial application of Environmental Governance Standards (EGS) for member-DFIs.

The EGS will consist of the following:

a) For the internal application within DFIs, an Environmental Performance Monitoring Program (EPM) that comprises of environmental management policies, tools and instruments, which would enable them to well manage their internal functions and operations;

b) As an external dimension, an Environmental Rating Standard for Loan Appraisal and Project Finance (ERS) as a set of concrete measures for integrating environmental issues in established risk assessment procedures in lending to borrower-clients.

What are the objectives of the project?

• To implement an institutional change program in participating DFIs, as well as build their capacities by installing and implementing the EGS in their institutions;

• To implement the EGS in the financial marketplace where participating DFIs and other financial institutions operate;

• To implement a communication plan to share and advocate learnings gained from the proposed action;

• To produce courseware learning materials and handbooks, both in print and electronic versions, reports and other relevant documentations.

Who will benefit from the project?

The main target group consists of ADFIAP’s 83 member-DFIs located in 37 countries spread across Asia and the Pacific region. Other similar development-minded financial institutions within the countries of these member-DFIs will also be invited to participate in the training events under the project.

The project focuses on two sub-groupings:

1) Internally, the officers and staff of ADFIAP member-DFIs, consisting mainly of the CEO, the CFO, the designated environmental officers, heads of lending and investment operations, bank loan appraisers/evaluators, investment portfolio managers, the bank’s HRD and PR managers; and

2) Externally, the clients of the DFI, consisting mainly of loan borrowers, investor-clients, and trade and industry associations.


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