Change Leadership for Growth (CLG)

Date February 16 - 20, 2021 Location Virtual, Seminar




February 16-20, 2021 | 1:00PM-3:30PM Philippine time

People are our most important levers of survival, pivot, and growth in unsettling business situ­ations. How we influence and support them to bring out their best in navigating through these rough conditions is key to our shared success. Specifically, how we: (i) sense employees’ mental and emotional derailers and strengths to productive and innovative work; (ii) hold trans­formative conversations to help them shift their derailers into “aha moments” and their strengths into “levers”; and (iii) assist them to develop and roll out their personal, professional, and team engagement aspirations and actions.

1. Break the Habit
• ACE IT – Personal Change
Engagement Techniques: Turning
10 change derailers into strengths
• Formulating Personal Change
2. Blaze a Trail
• PIVOT – Team Engagement Ignition
3. Scale Up and Achieve Shared
• I LEAD – Transformative
Conversation for Change
4. Ignite and Leverage Change
Engagement as Strategic Execution
• Strategic Change Leadership
• Measuring Change Engagement

1. Change Leadership for Growth:
• Self-initiated, peer-to-peer, leader-led
• Organization-wide
2. Sequencing Questions for:
• Strategic Change Conversations,
innovation and execution
• Problem Analysis and solving
3. Designing transformative conversation
interventions for conflict resolution,
relationship and team, and culture
4. Coaching Talents-in-transition
5. Behavioral coaching of challenged
6. Talent acquisition (e.g., organization
DNA match).

  1. Personal scorecard
2. Organization DNA: Impact of culture on process and outcomes
3. Personal and team narratives, improvements, and accomplishments
4. Organization Change Leadership Roll-out: Phases

About the Speaker:

Efren L. Elane is a Change Lead® Coach who leads teams or coaches team leaders in creating new business opportunities to increase revenues, profits, and ROAs, through their people and organization. He is a seasoned Chief Human R esource Officer of over 34 years and his vast experiences span corporate and government sectors, and civil societies in banking, finance, insurance, among others. He is a Senior Certified Professional and one among few Volunteer Subject Matter Experts of the Society of Human Resource Management in the USA and was awarded 100 Most Influential Global HR Practitioners by CHRO Asia. He is a Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Coach and holds a Certificate on Strategic Business Economics at the University of Asia & Pacific. He is adept at organization-wide Change Leadership aimed at business impact, acceleration, and development.

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