Sustainability Management and Reporting for DFIs

Date February 22 - 26, 2015 Location Manila, Philippines

Sustainability Management and Reporting for DFIs

Program Overview:

The demand for quality sustainability reporting has grown rapidly in the last 5 years. Clear and transparent reporting procedures have become essential in the communication between DFIs and their stakeholders, customers and the general public.
Sustainability Management and Reporting Framework assist companies to implement corporate social responsibility into their daily business and to report transparently on the social, economic and environmental performance of their organization. Participants will be trained on how to use the G4 Guidelines which is the focus of this workshop in measuring and managing organization’s performance impact. Furthermore, companies using the G3 Guidelines must shift to G4 for this year’s reporting cycle as the G3 Guidelines will not be recognize by the GRI after 2015.
Learning Objective:

At the end of the program, participants are expected to;
• Understand and appreciate the GRI G4 Framework, materiality principles and indicator selection.
• Appreciate the benefits and challenges of reporting and the ways to communicate the reports to stakeholders.
• Evaluate internal processes and systems and identify opportunities to utilize technology and human capital for organizational excellence
• Formulate a comprehensive business reporting plan that is easily translatable into action plans
• Develop capabilities on the topics of the G4 Guidelines, transparency procedures and low carbon strategies, and
• Develop a sustainability roadmap using G4 Guidelines for the institution toward the goal of sustainable development.

Target Participants:
• Senior level and Mid-level officers
• CSR and Sustainability Officers
• Marketing/PR Professionals
• Corporate Communications Manager
• Head/Executive Directors of Foundations/NGOs
• EHS Team Members

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