The ACCP is a process of accrediting and recognizing the professional competence of a development banker.

The credentialing program covers the professional staff of development banks and financial institutions engaged in the financing of development, of members of ADFIAP, or any other development banking association with which the ADFIAP has a working agreement.

The Asia-Pacific Institute of Development Finance (IDF), ADFIAP’s training and career development center, is the credentialing unit of the Association.

There are three (3) levels of credentials for the professional and managerial staff of DFIs, as follows:

  • Level 1 – Associate in Development Banking (ADB)
  • Level 2 – Affiliate in Development Bank Management (ADBM) and
  • Level 3 – Fellow in Development Banking (FIDB)

The Mechanics

1. Required Courses

  1. Level 1 requires attendance to a training program called the Core Development Banking Course (CORE).
  2. Level 2 requires attendance to the Core Development Banking Course (CORE) and Executive Development Program (EDP).
  3. Level 3 requires attendance to the Chief Executives Seminar (CEO Seminar).

2. General Requirements

a) Experience in Banking

  1. Level 1 (Associate) requires completion of at least 5 years of banking experience.
  2. Level 2 (Affiliate) requires at least 10 years of banking experience.
  3. Level 3 (Fellow) requires at least experience in banking of 15 yrs.

3. Minimum Educational Requirements

  1. A University Degree in Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Banking and Finance or allied fields; or
  2. A Masters Degree or Post Graduate Qualification in allied fields. A Masters Degree will entitle the candidate one year of relief in required years of experience. A Doctorate Degree entitles the candidate two years of relief in required years of experience.

4. Other Requirements

  • In case the candidate has attended the programs at other institutions or universities or banks, they will be allowed credits for the program provided the course outline meets the standards covered by the IDF and provided the IDF recognizes the credibility of institution or agency which issued the certificate.
  • The IDF has the right to change the compulsory programs and/or modules in order to improve the curriculum and to raise the level of the participating candidates.
  • Depending on the need, the IDF will be offering each program in modules or the full program to accommodate candidates who may seek the level certificate in one attempt.
  • The credentials will be recognized in ADFIAP member countries.
  • Proficiency in English language will be considered an essential requirement.
  • If the case warrants, the IDF will require as proof of English proficiency the TOEFL or equivalent exam results. In lieu of this, the IDF may conduct its own test of English language program to determine the desired level of proficiency in English.
  • For Level 3, additional requirements are necessary: attendance in at least two General Assembly Meetings of ADFIAP; or in one CEO Forum organized by ADFIAP; or has written a book or contributed al least three articles on banking to a journal or a newspaper (national or international); or teaches a banking program or serves as a faculty or resource person on banking.

5. Credentialing and Registration Fee

The applicants to the ACCP will be required to pay registration, processing, and accreditation fee at the following rates at each level of accreditation; this to cover the cost of administration (paper work, certificate, notices, and other expenses). This excludes tuition fees for the compulsory programs to be attended by the candidates

6. Requisite Programs

Level 1

Core Development Banking Program (CORE) Modules

  • Development Banking Principles & Practices
  • Financial & Economic Appraisal of Investment Projects

Level 2

Core Development Banking Program (CORE) Modules

  • Development Banking Principles & Practices
  • Financial & Economic Appraisal of Investment Projects

Executive Development Program Modules

  • Bank Strategic Planning and Management
  • Organizational and Human Resource Management
  • Organizational and Human Resource Management
  • Treasury and Risk Management
  • Advanced Financial Management

Level 3

The Chief Executives Seminar

For inquiries, please contact
Ms. Sandra Honrado Senior Executive, Programs

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