International Seminar-Workshop on Sustainable Enterprise Innovation Program (SEIP)


ADFIAP’s Asia-Pacific Institute of Development Finance (IDF) is offering an innovative and results- oriented program, the Sustainable Enterprise Innovation Program (SEIP), that will enable the participants to complete within the training period sustainable project proposal frameworks that their respective institutions/enterprises can adopt in launching new products, services or any new initiative.

1. Innovation – A workshop that will bring out the creativity of the participants in actualizing new initiatives that their institution would like to pursue through one-on-one mentoring, coaching and advisory by seasoned facilitators/trainers.

2. Results-Oriented – An integrated process aimed at assisting enterprises in creating sustainable and innovative products, services and operational enhancements via a hand-holding workshop that would enable the participants to actualize projects they would like to undertake through the completion of project proposal frameworks and sustainability reporting roadmaps that they can implement as their Back Home Action Program.

3. Holistic Approach – Covers 3 building-block modules that facilitate the fruition of the project proposal frameworks and ensure the sustainability of said projects by institutionalizing the practices of benchmarking, measuring, monitoring, and reporting.

SEIP 2013 Info Brief (2)