Judging Guidelines for ADFIAP Awards


1. Outstanding Projects Award Criteria

Relevance (20%)
Does the entry fit the category entered into? Is it a “project” per se or just a One-off activity?

Impact Objective (30%)
Does the project have a ‘developmental’ impact objective (i.e. one that provides ‘benefits” (e.g., social economic, technological, etc.). Were the beneficiaries’ responses positive?

Result/Record (30%)
Did the project produce results as expected? Beyond expectations? If it is a long-running project, did it matter to the expected beneficiaries?

Innovation (20%)
Is the project innovative in the context of the country? Worthy of replication? Something “fresh?”

2. Outstanding CEO Award Criteria

Status/Integrity (25%)
Is the CEO known in the community? Reputation? Ethical standards?

Leadership (25%)
What kind of a leader is he/she? Is he/she well liked by the officers/staff? By the community?

Performance (25%)
Is his/her institution successful? Did his/her decision produce remarkable results for his/her institution ? Did he/she enhance the institution’s financial health /image?

Vision (25%)
What kind of a vision does he/she have for his/her institution? Is his/her vision in line with the environment he/she operates?

3. Distinguished Person Award Criteria

Stature/Integrity (30%)
Is the person known/respected in the country as well as internationally? Other recognitions received?

Lifetime Achievements (50%)
What lifetime that merits recognition?

Personal Advocacy (20%)
What is his/her life’s philosophy? Advocacy? Did he/she pursue this with passion and commitment?

4. Best Annual Report Criteria

-Disclosure of financial management and sustainability information (30%)
-Articulation of sustainable development agenda (20%)
-Clarity and readability of content (20%)
-Design and visual impact (15%)
-Overall uniqueness and innovativeness (15%)

5. Best Website Criteria

– Articulation of sustainable development agenda (25%)
– Depth and clarity of content (25%)
– User-friendliness and site guidance (20%)
– Design and visual impact (15%)
– Technical innovativeness and uniqueness (15%)

Download ADFIAP Awards 2010- Concept and Nomination Form