Meet the ADFIAP Secretariat Team

My role, my service”

Octavio B. Peralta, Secretary General

The Secretariat’s role is two-fold: manage the process to achieve the Association’s vision and mission through the Board’s guidance and the staff’s support as well as serve the members’ needs and aspirations. I have the challenging job to lead this role.

Sandra Honrado, Senior Executive, Programs

The Institute of Development Finance (IDF) develops, delivers and constantly improves the Association’s training and credentialing programs. I work closely with the team to plan, organize and implement these course offerings to promote the IDF and enhance its brand.

Enrique Florencio, Head, Knowledge Management/Sustainability Officer

My groups’ role is to gather, consolidate and disseminate all the knowledge resources of the Association through a stable and robust platform that allows members to connect and share experiences with and learn from each other.

Sandy Lim, Consultant, Membership and Events Management
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Membership is the lifeblood of the Association. My unit drives the membership recruitment and retention process and provides membership care. I am also responsible for the organization and implementation of ADFIAP’s two big events – the Annual Meeting and the CEO Forum.

Susan Bajar, Secretariat Affairs Officer

My group ensures that support logistics of the Secretariat staff and Association events are efficiently provided for and smoothly carried out. I am also in charge of the office premises upkeep and maintenance.

Lorie Cervantes, Finance & Administration Officer

The Finance and Administrative Unit’s role is to manage the financial resources and administrative activities of the Association. We relate to the external auditors, banks and government agencies for this purpose.

Robert Juan, Information Officer

The Information Center is the Association’s “window” to its membership. My role is to undertake the production of all ADFIAP’s printed and online publications which are circulated to members and partners. Timely delivery of these relevant published materials is my service mandate.

Liza Olvina, Membership Specialist

I have two key tasks – to provide administrative support to the IDF and the Membership Unit and to prepare and maintain both of the units’ information and profile database.

Ma. Cristina Arenas, IT Specialist

My role is to provide technical support and to maintain the computer systems and networks of the Association, including installing and configuring the appropriate hardware and or software as well as solving technical and application glitches.

Jordan Isidro, Staff Support

Making sure that printed communications and publications to members are delivered on time and that other operating needs of the Secretariat as well as its staff are satisfactorily fulfilled is my primary role and service.

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