October: ADFIAP Charter signed by 31 DFIs during the Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Manila. The first ADFIAP Management Committee Meeting was also held.


April: ADFIAP became operational after the registration of 15 member-institutions as provided in for the Constitution. Mr. Vicente Jayme was elected ADFIAP Chairman.

September: Mr. Orlando Peña, President of Asia Business Consultants, a PDCP subsidiary, was designated concurrently Executive Officer of ADFIAP. PDCP provided an office space for the ADFIAP Secretariat.

November: At the 4th Management Committee Meeting, the strategic objectives of the Association were set.


January: The first issue of ADFIAP Newsletter was published.

May: The First General Assembly Meeting of the Association was convened in Bangkok, Thailand.

September: The First Curriculum Design Workshop for a course on small-scale lending was conducted in the Manila, Philippines.

November: First full-time ADFIAP regular staff member was appointed – Mr. Roberto J. Manzano, as Information Specialist.


April: The first issue of the Journal of Development Finance (JDF) was published.


May: A Special Conference of the Association was convened in Manila, Philippines to discuss training needs of the Association. The first and second Executive Development Programs (EDP) were convened in Manila and Bombay, respectively.


ADFIAP helped organize the World Federation of DFIs (WFDFI), which was based in Madrid, Spain.


The Autonomous Secretariat was organized with Mr. Orlando P. Peña appointed as Secretary General.

The 1st Forum on Human Resource Management was organized and held in Manila.

April: Mr. Vicente Jayme turned over the ADFIAP Chairmanship to Mr. John W. Fletcher, Chief General Manager of the Commonwealth Development Bank of Australia.


December: Mr. John W. Fletcher turned over the ADFIAP Chairmanship to Mr. S. S. Nadkarni, Chairman of the Industrial Development Bank of India.


The International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO (ITC) inked a 4-year technical assistance project with ADFIAP on export finance.


The first issue of the Development Finance Magazine was published.


March: Mr. Octavio B. Peralta was appointed Deputy Secretary General of the Association.

October: The ADFIAP International Headquarters was inaugurated in the presence of the Honorable Jesus P. Estanislao, Philippine Secretary of Finance.


April: Mr S. S. Nadkarni turned over the ADFIAP Chairmanship to Mr. Chang-Dal Kim, President and Representative Director of the Korea Technology Banking Corporation.


ADFIAP was accredited by the United Nations’s Economic and Social Council as an NGO on Consultative Status.


September: ADFIAP assumed the Chair and Secretariat of the World Federation of DFIs.


April: The first issue of the Banking and Finance Digest was published.

December: Mr. Chang-Dal Kim turned over the ADFIAP Chairmanship to Mr. Aswin Kongsiri, President of the Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand.


September: ADFIAP and Thomson Publishing signed a Memorandum of Agreement for TFS Asia to Publish the Asian Banking Digest.

September: ADFIAP’s private global intranet for electronic banking and commerce or the A-Net was launched in Manila.


January: Signing of A-Net Memorandum of Agreement in the presence of Canadian Prime Minister, Mr. Jean Chretien at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila, Philippines.

February: The first issue of the Asian Banking Digest was published.

May: the First World Summit on Development Finance was held in Manila, Philippines, in time of the ADFIAP 20th Annual Conference. The ADFIAP Awards were launched.


April: ADFIAP launched its website in the Internet (


April: Creation of a members’ client service facility in the Internet called the (

May: Mr. Aswin Kongsiri of the Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand turned over the ADFIAP Chairmanship to Datuk Mohamad Saleh bin Mohd. Ghazali of the Bank Industri Malaysia Berhad.


May: The Asia Pacific Institute of Development Finance (IDF), ADFIAP’s career development and credentialing center, was launched.

July: ADFIAP partnered with the US-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP) to promote environmental due diligence in Asia.

October: ADFIAP tied up with East-West Electronic Trade Center (EWETC) of the United States to provide the Association’s websites, the and the, with the International Banking Facility (iTBF).

October: Datuk Mohamad Saleh bin Mohd. Ghazali of Bank Industri & Teknolgi Malaysia Berhad turned over the ADFIAP Chairmanship to Mr. Moksevi R. Prelis of DFCC Bank.


May: The Association honored its chartered signatories with the 20th Century Achievement Awards.
ADFIAP honored the Asian Development Bank for its significant role in the development of Asia and the Pacific in the 20th century and its pivotal role in bringing together banks and financial institutions to ensure that sustainable development continues in the region.

Mr. Moksevi Prelis of the DFCC Bank turned over chairmanship of the Association to Mr. Isoa Kaloumaira of the Fiji Development Bank.


May: The ADFIAP Awards was launched to recognize outstanding people and institutional achievements in development.

July: ADFIAP and Capacity Building International Germany (InWEnt) held the first Financing for Lasting Development Seminar in Manila.

ADFIAP invited to the APEC Experts meeting in Hong Kong.

October: ADFIAP and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) launched the “DFIs for Corporate Governance” Project.

October: ADFIAP celebrated its 25th Year Anniversary.


January: Mr. Anothai Techamontrikul of the Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand assumed the Chairmanship from Mr. Isoa.

October: ADFIAP speaks at the 3rd Global Roundtable on the Environment sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme’s Finance Initiatives.


May: Ambassador Jesus P. Tambunting, Chairman & CEO of Planters Development Bank, assumes as ADFIAP Chairman after Mr. Anothai.

May: ADFIAP drafts new mission statement during an auspicious Board retreat in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


January: Mr. Octavio B. Peralta assumes the post of Secretary General succeeding Mr. Orlando P. Peña who served ADFIAP for 28 years.

August: ADFIAP received a grant of €346,446 from the European Union’s Asia Environment Governance Standard (EGS) Projects.

September: Small and Medium Enterprises Finance Initiative (SME FI) launch.

November: ADFIAP’s first 5-Year Strategic Plan with the theme, “ADFIAP: Focused and Prepared to Lead” was approved by the Board.


February: ADFIAP and UK’s Community Development Finance Association sign Memorandum of Cooperation.

May: ADFIAP Unveils new logo, new branding strategy; Members crafts Colombo Consensus during its 29th Annual Meetings in the Sri Lankan capital hosted by the DFCC Bank.

July: CIPE provides 4th grant to ADFIAP on linking good governance with sustainable development


May: ADFIAP celebrates 30th Year Anniversary of existence; Members presents the Hanoi Consensus during the 30th Annual Meetings in the Vietnamese capital hosted by the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam.

June: ADFIAP invited to join the UN Marrakech Process advisory group on cooperation dialogue.

July: CIPE gives 5th grant to ADFIAP on improving risk management and financial disclosure under a good governance framework.

November: Mr. Isidro A. Sobrecarey joins ADFIAP as Deputy Secretary General.

December: ADFIAP’s membership hits all-time high of 87 members in 37 countries.


May: Mr. Fuimaono Falefa Lima, General Manager of the Development Bank of Samoa, assumes as ADFIAP Chairman after Ambassador Jesus P. Tambunting.

August: ADFIAP wins two “Associations Make a Better World Award” from the 24,000 member American Society of Association Executives & the Center for Association Leadership for its corporate and environmental governance projects.

December: ADFIAP membership reaches an all-time high of 100 institutions in 40 countries and territories.


April: ADFIAP publishes first ever integrated annual and sustainability report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

April:ADFIAP Consulting, the Association’s consultancy and advisory service unit, was formally launched.

May: ADFIAP’s second 5-Year Strategic Plan with the theme, “ADFIAP as Community: Inclusive, Involved, Innovative” was approved by the Board.


February: New resource-rich ADFIAP website has been upped online.

May: Mr. Nihal Fonseka, General Manager & CEO of DFCC Bank assumes as ADFIAP Chairman after Mr. Fuimaono Falefa Lima.

May: ADFIAP launches toolkit on performance measurement of DFIs.

August: ADFIAP becomes one of business advisory organizations of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

October: ADFIAP, as WFDFI Secretariat, revives after 10 years, the CEO Policy Seminar for Development Banks during the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings.

November: ADFIAP signs cooperation pact with the Asian Bankers Association, the largest regional commercial banking group.

December: ADFIAP is featured by a top European magazine for Associations.

December: ADFIAP and the Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia (ASRIA), the largest association of investors in the region, sign a cooperation agreement.

December: ADFIAP membership peaks at 120 members in 43 countries and territories, an all-time high.


April: ADFIAP financial assets reach US$ 1 million mark