Sustainability in ADFIAP

ADFIAP’s sustainable development work and advocacy covers four (4) core elements – social, environment, economic and governance – each with its own scope and programme of activities.

  1. Under its social mission, ADFIAP supports inclusive finance and microfinance initiatives. Through its social banking and microfinance programs, ADFIAP organizes training events and study tour missions, provides information on the subject as well as partner with institutions undertaking similar programs.
  2. Under its economic objective, ADFIAP supports small and medium enterprise (SME) programs and local economic development projects. Though its SME Finance Initiative, ADFIAP conducts conferences, learning courses and experience-sharing activities, using as resources its network of members engaged in SME development work and financing.
  3. Under its environmental mandate, ADFIAP supports “greenbanking” programs and sustainability reporting initiatives. It organizes training events, dialogues and capacity-building programs geared towards an environmental governance standard for DFIs.
  4. Under its good governance goal, ADFIAP believes that sustainable development can only be achieved through fair, accountable and transparent principles and practices of good corporate governance. Its DFIs for Corporate Governance project supports institution-building programs and best-practice benchmarking on good corporate governance.

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