Members Factsheet

The Rural Development Bank

The Rural Development Bank (RDB) was created by the Royal Government of Cambodia in 1998 and the RDB is a public and autonomous enterprise, authorized to operate as a specialized bank. The RDB’s main objective is to service and refinance loan to licensed financial institutions, commercial banks, specialized banks, micro-finance institutions, associations, development communities, and small and medium enterprises (SME’s) that take part in rural development in Cambodia.

  • Ownership

    • 100 % Government Owned
  • Type of Institution

    Development Bank
  • Branch Network

    • Mobile Unit in Kampong, Cham Province
  • Total Assets

    US $ 72.17 Million as of December 2013
  • Employees

    74 employees as of December 2013
The Rural Development Bank
  • Headquarters

    #9-13 St. 7 SangkatChaktomuk, P.O. Box 1410, Phnom penh, Cambodia , Cambodia
    Phone (855) 23 220 810/811 Fax (855) 23 224 624
    E-mail Address