Brief Profile of the Bank

Bank of Industry and Mine (BIM) was established on September 15, 1979 in Tehran, Iran. BIM, "as a development bank", endeavors for helping economic growth through development of industries and mines. Its purpose is to be an economic enterprise for applying banking procedures and capabilities, developing and investing in order to advance Iran's economic situation and to prepare suitable grounds for cooperation and participation of private sector by use of all potential facilities such as: organizations, processes and appropriate devices in the field of industries, mines, modern technologies and their associated services.

Products and Services Offered

Foreign Exchange Facilities
Local Exchange Facilities
Consultant Engineers

Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Industry and Mine Investing Co.
Attieh Damavand Investing Co.
Industry and Mine Leasing Co.
Attieh Alvand Leasing Co.
Bank of Industry and Mine Brokery Co.
Iran-Italy Industries Promotion Co.
Europaische-Iranische Handelsbank, Ag., Hamburg
Financial Fund for Technology Development

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