Brief Profile of the Bank

DBP was created on January 2, 1947 as the Rehabilitation Finance Corporation under Republic Act No. 85. It was reorganized into Development Bank of the Philippines in 1958 that marked an expansion of its facilities and operations to accelerate national development efforts. As the country's pre-eminent development financial institution, the Development Bank of the Philippines performs the strategic tasks of influencing and accelerating sustainable economic growth for the continued well-being of the Filipino people.

Products and Services Offered

DBP offers a wide range of products and services - from project financing through the bank's wholesale and retail lending operations) to a wide choice of deposit and investment products and services; and treasury products and services.

Subsidiaries and Affiliates

DBP Data Center, Inc.
DBP Management Corporation
DBP Daiwa Securities SB Capital Markets Philippines, Inc.
DBP Service Corporation
LGU Guarantee Corporation
Philippine Growth Fund Manager, Inc.
Small Business Guarantee and Finance Corp.
Philippine Central Depository, Inc.
Philippine International Trading Corp.
Megalink, Inc.
Philippine Clearing House Corporation

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