Categories of Membership

Membership shall be open to financial institutions/banks engaged in the financing of development, whether industrial, service, or other productive sectors of the economy.

The Association shall have the following types of membership:

  1. Ordinary
    • Institutions in Asia and the Pacific engaged in the financing of development as a significant activity
  2. Special
    • Regional or sub-regional financial institutions in Asia and the Pacific;
    • Financial institutions outside the Asia-Pacific region with which the Association may decide to establish and maintain a relationship; and
    • Other financial institutions within or outside the region given Observer Status by the ADFIAP Board of Directors on a case-to-case basis.
  3. Sponsor / Sustaining
    • Public and private institutions, non-government organizations and individuals that support the purpose and mission of ADFIAP and are willing to pay membership dues or contribution to assist the Association financially.
  4. Associate
    • Institutions with provincial or state-wide operations on the recommendation of a member-institution in that country.
    • Organizations and other financial institutions, including commercial banks with units or departments that cater to development-oriented activities such as SME banking, microfinance, environmental lending, housing finance, and related undertaking.
  5. Honorary
    • Individuals who have performed outstanding services in the field of development banking, or who have been closely connected with the profession of development banking or have served ADFIAP for many years, may be conferred with Honorary Membership by the General Assembly.