Membership Process

  1. Ordinary, Special, Sponsor, Associate and Honorary Membership shall be acquired in the following manner:
    • eligible institutions seeking Ordinary membership in the Association shall submit applications to the Secretary General of the Association in the approved form;
    • eligible institutions seeking Special, Sponsor/Sustaining and Associate membership shall likewise submit applications to the Secretary General;
    • applications for Ordinary membership shall be considered and approved by the Board of Directors, while applications for membership in the Special, Sponsor/Sustaining and Associate categories shall be considered and approved by the General Secretariat, subject to the confirmation of the Board of Directors.
    • the Secretary General shall submit applications for membership to the Board of Directors;
    • upon approval of membership, or otherwise, the Secretary General shall inform the applicant-institution of the decision of the Board of Directors within 30 days at which the decision was made;
    • the decision of the Board of Directors shall be final, subject to the overriding authority of the General Assembly; and in the case of Associate Members, application should have the endorsement of an Ordinary Member in the country to which the prospective member belongs.
  2. Ordinary, Special, Sponsor and Associate members shall pay annually such membership fees as may be prescribed by the General Assembly from time to time.
  3. Honorary members shall not pay any membership fees.

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