77.6 million transactions worth P1.4 trillion are likely to achieve by the Land Bank of the Philippines in the first half of 2022

LandBank of the Philippines is committed to encouraging greater digital adoption in support of the national government’s financial inclusion agenda. LandBank of the Philippines continues to serve the country by offering secure, practical, and accessible digital banking products created to satisfy the requirements of their wide range of customers.

The need for digital banking channels rose during the epidemic; LandBank reassured its clients that their systems run with the highest degree of security. They also advised clients to be diligent and watch out for online banking fraud and scams.

WeAccess, the business version of LandBank’s online banking service, had a 17% increase in transaction volume and an 11% increase in value, with more than 10 million transactions totaling P262.8 billion. The bank’s online facility for national government partners, eMDS, with a total value of P966.2 billion, or a 22% rise, came from supporting 1.2 million transactions. Link.BizPortal’s web-based payment channel enabled 2.8 million transactions in total.

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