DBJ puts premium on employee health management

Health management is an important issue in the corporate world as this will affect the long-term productivity of employees and impacts overall business operations. Realizing the importance of sustainable health management program in the corporate world, the Development Bank of Japan, Inc. (DBJ) has developed the world’s first, original rating system that evaluates corporate initiatives on employees health management with a focus on diversity, DBJ’s “Employees’ Health Management Rated Loan Program”.

The rating system, i.e., the screening test consist of three main pillars: (1) inclusive health check-ups for individual employees and safety of work places (2) institutional system for corporate health management and (3) implementing initiatives for corporate health management. Rating are awarded to applicant companies with ranks of either A (excellent), B (good) and C (fair). Companies that get A & B ranks are given access to advantageous interest rate loans.

Since its introduction in 2011, the program has extended over USD 1 billion in loans to over 100 applicants and the figures are growing. In 2013, this innovative undertaking was rewarded by the national supervising authority, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as leading corporate initiative.

The progam has continued to play an important role in further promoting sustainable business environment as well as diversity in the Japanese business community which is aligned to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

DBJ’s “Employees’ Health Management Program” won the 2018 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Award under the corporate social responsibility category.


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