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DBT balances the country’s regional growth via training

As part of its program to help enhance human capital in the priority regions of Turkey, the Development Bank Turkey (DBT) has been sharing its expertise in the field of training and development to regional development agencies.

DBT has been conducting various capacity-building programs such as feasibility preparation training program, project cycle management seminar, entrepreneurship and enterprise finance program, and applied financial statement analysis program, to help local development agencies and other entrepreneurial groups enhance the skills and knowledge of their constituencies which will result in their growth and development that will eventually benefit their respective regions.

DBT’s program in enhancing the human capital in priority regions in Turkey is in consonance with the Government of Turkey’s “Attraction Centre Program” which covered 23 priority provinces in the country.

DBT’s “Enhancing Human Capital in Priority Regions” project won the 2017 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Awards under the Human Capital Development.


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