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DFCC Bank wins gold for best social media content at the 11th ACEF Asian Leaders Awards

The 11th ACEF Asian Leaders Awards acknowledged DFCC Bank for their excellent social media marketing efforts that connected strongly with their clients since the material was based on a customer’s real-life experience with the bank.

DFCC Bank received this award for implementing a unique digital media marketing campaign during Customer Service Week. The campaign was centered on a short film, which was shared on YouTube and Facebook. In a unique approach, the short film depicted a true tale based on the events of the global pandemic, including unusual dramatic aspects. This award celebrates DFCC’s transformation from a development bank to today’s commercial banking services, stressing its vast portfolio, innovations, and, most importantly, the Bank’s relationship with its clients.

The originality and meaningfulness of the material connected with the target audience on an emotional level, resulting in generating top-of-mind recall while strategically placing brand elements and achieving high brand exposure without being overt. All of these factors and characteristics helped the campaign beat all of its KPIs and metrics, winning it the Gold Award for Best Social Media Content at the 11th ACEF Asian Leaders Awards.


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