“DFIs’ Role in Access to Finance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises”

Presented by: NOLI M. MARTINEZ
Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

CARD MRI, a world-class leader in microfinance and community-based social development initiatives, provides quick, affordable, and accessible services to improve the quality of life of socially and economically challenged women and families in the service of nation-building.

They do, however, want to go beyond simply providing financial assistance.

Given that we are now living in the digital age, it is critical to have digital innovations and strategic digital priorities that provide efficient, data-driven intelligence, enhanced customer experience, financial insight, and risk control management.

Here are CARD MRI’s digital innovations:
• Data Analytics – this is frictionless and seamless loan underwriting that makes it easy for clients to do on boarding and elevates customer experience.
• Konek Card – which has several features including Mobile phone eLoad, interbank fund transfers, loan payment, bills payment, balance inquiries, cash in and cash out features, cardless machines for cash out via QR, and a merchant payment function called konek2PAY.

CARD MRI’s traditional interventions and initiatives, particularly for their agri clients, link producers to consumers via market access. They also provide a value chain for bangus growers and consumers in Pangasinan and seaweed growers in Bicol and a value chain for capacity building through webinars.

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