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Exim Bank India establishes India’s first dairy technology solutions company

The Export-Import Bank of India (Exim Bank India) has provided financial assistance amounting to Rs 10 million to Stellapps Technologies Pvt Ltd, India’s first dairy technology solutions company which is building automation tools integrated with cloud, mobility, data analytics for dairy farms, cooperatives and private dairies.

With Eximbank India’s support, Stellaps has developed an automatic milk production management system called, “SmartMoo, which consists of an automatic milk production management program, small production and storage equipment, including mechanical pumps, and low temperature storage tank. The system enables small-scale cattle farmers to automatically manage milk production, storage, and data control, thus making it possible to increase their efficiency and profits.

“SmartMoo” helps improve the scalability and quality of dairy operations, and make globally competitive smallholder dairy farming a reality. Within a period of 5 years, Stellaps has installed world’s largest community milking parlour in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka in India where 200 cows are milked per day.

Exim India’s “Financing to Stellaps Technologies Pvt Ltd” won the 2018 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Award under the technology development category.


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