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NEDFi launches its *Campus to Corporate” programme

On January 5 and 6, the North Eastern Council (NEC) and the North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Limited (NEDFi) started their “Campus to Corporate” program in Tripura as part of the Advancing North East initiative. The program began at Tripura University’s College of Fisheries and Bir Bikram Memorial College to boost graduate and post-graduate students’ employability.
During a 2.5-hour activity-based interactive session, a team of experts offered the program to 200 students from diverse areas such as agriculture, management, science, commerce, and humanities. The students received hands-on training in CV generation, email etiquette, interview strategies, and other job-related skills. Many activities were included with each section so that the youngsters could explore and show off their talents.

The 3C Framework—Content, Confidence, and Communication—is the foundation of the “Campus to Corporate” initiative. Through role plays, business anecdotes, statistical analysis, and case studies, students learn how to gather accurate information, acquire specific ideas from experts, and conduct mock interviews to build a connection with the interviewer.
Through its online portal,, Advancing North East provides free expert CV reviews to young people in the North East as part of its follow-up mentoring services. The kids and concerned faculty members gave the program led by Nishie Agarwal and Chandni Shivam high marks.

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