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Pag-IBIG Fund offers affordable housing to minimum-wage earners

pagibig FundPag-IBIG Fund President, Atty. Darlene Marie Berberabe, urges minimum-wage earners to avail of various Pag-IBIG housing programs that cater to their needs. Pag-IBIG offers the “Affordable Housing Program” (subsidized program) and the “Needs Matching Program” for this specific sector of the labor force. Launched in 2012, the subsidized program is specifically designed for Pag-IBIG members who are earning minimum wage. Provided they meet the income requirements of the program, interest rates for housing loans up to P450,000 is only 4.5%, and 6.5% for loans up to P750,000. Pag-IBIG has so far financed through the Program, 5,417 housing units equivalent to a loan take-out of P2 Billion. The subsidized interest rates apply for the first 10 years of the housing loan, after which the interest rate pricing framework set by the Fund is applied. Pag-IBIG also strengthened its partnership with employers by offering them accreditation for housing loan processing, paving the way for more opportunities for their employees to acquire homes that they can call their own.


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