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Pak Oman’s Friends of Life helps differently-abled care center

Pak Oman’s “Friends of Life” frequently visit and make a monthly cash donation to the Dar Ul Sukun, a home for 150 physically and mentally handicapped children. Dar Ul Sukun offers education, food, shelter and medical aid to those in need. The center caters to the individual requirements of its inmates and thus, sends them to special schools and hospitals as per their conditions. The “Friends of Life” is an internal committee which caters to the Corporate Social Responsibility of Pak Oman Investment Company. It works towards the alleviation of poverty and primarily focuses on education, health and welfare development of the under-privilege of the society and also works towards promoting environment-friendly practices in the country. The committee consists of senior management which meets frequently to discuss and initiate projects and identify relevant areas of concern which are then executed on a periodic basis


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