TRNC Dev’t Bank obtains ISO certification

TRNC Development BankTRNC Development Bank has recently obtained both ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction System from the UKS International Quality Systems and Documentation Ltd.

Ms. Fatma Kinis, TRNC DB General Manager, said in a statement that she has been working on the Bank’s structural and organizational changes for it to be able to offer better and relevant services as a development financial institution. In relation to this, she also mentioned that a purposeful cooperation between the Bank and the Development Bank of Turkey has been signed this year.

The certification process started with the training of Bank employees on quality management system and customer satisfaction system and then continued with the forming of quality criteria in accordance with the policies that the Bank has created and reviewed. This achievement is viewed as a milestone for the Bank in its quest for continuous efficiency and productivity.

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