Development and Investment Bank of Turkey

Question: 1. What are three most pressing challenges that your institution is facing at this time?

a) Non or delayed servicing of loan accounts & (d) government support : We have quickly redesigned processes and procedures to ensure continuity on main client services. In addition to our services, we started working to implement the relief package to limit the economic fallout from coronavirus announced by the government.

b) Operational efficiency: We did not have any operational difficulties. After Turkish Ministry of Health announced the first recorded case of coronavirus, Development Investment Bank of Turkey has adapted its operational activities and human resources. We are taking all necessary precautions for the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) based on the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organization. We put the health of our employees and public at the forefront at all times. Therefore, except officials in critical positions, personnel are not required to work at the Bank Headquarter, our employees has started to work from home.

c) Low technology capability to offer online services: The Bank is already prepared for a short-term and large-scale rollout of the needed IT equipment and tools. Also, equipment and tools for remote work are available to all our employees. Therefore we have not faced with any challenges with respect to technical capability. Our operations continue uninterruptedly.

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