ADFIAP welcomes visit of BDBL

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The ADFIAP Secretariat welcomed in its Manila headquarters a visiting delegation from Bhutan Development Bank Limited (BDBL) composed of its senior management team and took the opportunity to brief them on the Associations plans and programs.

ADFIAP also invited Philippine member, RCBC Savings Bank (RSB), to make a presentation to the group on its “MyWallet” product, a pre-paid stored value card that requires no minimum maintaining balance and, just like an ATM card, allows the cardholder to enjoy banking convenience 24 /7 for withdrawals, bills payment, fund transfer and cashless shopping. “MyWallet” was also designed as a financial inclusion instrument for the unbanked sector of society. This product won the 2017 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Merit Award, under the financial inclusion category. More details on the “MyWallet” product is on this link:

The visit also afforded the BDBL delegation to learn about the “It’s Like Cash-Mobile Money”, a mobile platform geared toward making money transactions more efficient for micro enterprises and SMEs as well as large companies. For more details on the platform, please visit

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