“Twinning of DFIs”, a new service offering from ADFIAP

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With its aim to promote bilateral cooperation among its members, the ADFIAP Board, during its 66th meeting in Bangkok, Thailand last December 17, 2007, has approved the implementation of the “DFI-to-DFI Twinning” initiative. This initiative was developed considering the diversity and multinational nature of ADFIAP’s membership which offer a vast opportunity for cooperative and partnering arrangements among them.

The concept of “DFI-to-DFI Twinning” initiative is patterned after the town/city “twinning model” whereby towns or cities in geographically and politically distinct areas are paired, with the goal of fostering human contact and cultural links. Twin cities often (though by no means) have similar demographic and other characteristics. Sometimes, even larger areas enter into “twinning” agreements, such as that between the provinces of Hainan in China and Jeju in South Korea.

The ADFIAP Secretariat will coordinate the “twinning arrangement” between interested members and facilitate assistance to its members in providing information link to potential “twins”; arranging for activities such as institutional visits and staff exchanges, on-the-job training, workshops and discussion groups, web communications; and documenting and disseminating experiences.

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