AC develops rural bank-based SME financial inclusion training program, runs it at Bangko Kabayan

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The ADFIAP Consulting (AC) team has developed a practical and hand-on training program on small and medium enterprise (SME) financial inclusion for rural (countryside) banks, with an initial offering to Bangko Kabayan (BK), a multi-awarded rural bank located in the province of Batangas in the southern part of the main island of Luzon in the Philippines. BK has a total of 16 branches and ranks among the top 3% of rural banks in the country today.

BK has set SME banking as a key strategic goal due to business development and income opportunities that abound in its areas of operation, specifically in cross-selling of its banking products and services. To capture a larger share of the SME market, especially the small business segment, the Bank is further strengthening its SME lending infrastructure and capability to identify and spot viable projects as well as properly evaluating, measuring and mitigating risks in relation to SME lending. With the twin moves of beefing up its credit delivery system with highly-motivated personnel and complementing this with training, the Bank is confident that it can attain its objective of building up a sustainable and profitable SME loan portfolio.

The 3-month training program will be delivered through a series of highly-interactive lectures and structured learning exercises including practicum activities, supplemented by personalized coaching sessions to maximize participants’ learning spectrum. Lessons from each module will be put into action and the output from each module will be the foundation for the next module’s lecture and practicum until each participant completes the whole process of evaluating and packaging an SME loan account.

The BK program with the theme, “High-Impact Sustainable SME Finance” which was attended by 30 of the Bank’s branch managers, credit advisers and credit investigators, started with a 2-day lecture on “All About SMEs in the Philippines” and “The SME Banking Opportunity” on July 27-28, 2011. The participants are currently on practicum assignments to generate pipeline SME accounts documented by call plan reports by applying the lessons learned from the lectures.

Resource persons for the training program are AC consultants headed by Ms. Corazon D. Conde, together with Atty. Alberto B. Reyno, AC Managing Partner, Ms. Arlene Orencia, AC Projects and Programs Head and Ms. Cecilia M. Ibarra, Head of AC Advocacy and Training.

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