AC participates in PFAN clean energy investor deal flow session

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PFAN_2328ADFIAP Consulting (AC) participated in the Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) Clean Energy Investor Deal Flow Session held on November 16, 2010 at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. The Session, which carries the theme “Connecting Clean Energy Businesses with Financing” was sponsored by the Clean Energy Solutions International and Land Bank of the Philippines, an ADFIAP member.

The objective of the session was to bring together PFAN-mentored clean energy projects and investors for possible financial closure which is aligned with ADFIAP’s advocacy of promoting access to finance. Efforts to scale up investments in clean energy technology are unsuccessful due to lack of financing. Many clean energy entrepreneurs have good ideas which cannot be implemented due to inability to access financing. On the other hand, many investors in the clean energy sector have difficulties in identifying attractive investment opportunities.

PFAN, a multilateral public-private partnership that nurtures promising, innovative clean and renewable energy projects, seeks to bridge the financing gap by coaching and mentoring emerging clean energy businesses; by developing a network of investors and financial institutions who are interested in the clean energy markets and presenting these investors with projects that have been screened for viability, sustainability and environmental and social benefits. Ms. Laurie Navarro is PFAN’s Philippine Country Representative.

The highlight of the Session was the competition among five (5) project developers mentored by PFAN who presented their Business Plans to investors and financial institutions. Biomass Boiler for Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines by Amertech Industrial Ventures was adjudged as winner based on the technical, economic and environmental viability of the project and its social responsibility and contribution to the reduction in green house gas emissions.

AC was represented by Ms. Corazon D. Conde, Group Head, Ms. Cecilia M. Ibarra, Head for Advocacy and Training and Ms. Arlene Orencia, Head for Projects and Programs.

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