ADFIAP’s new resource-rich website now up

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ADFIAP’s new website, which is a knowledge resource, advocacy platform, and online service desk rolled into one, is now finally up in the Internet for Association members and the world-at-large to visit and use.

As a knowledge resource, it offers a robust stock of technical information, publications, tool kits, and other resources on development banking. The website boasts of research-rich content on development banking dating back in the 1970’s via its e-Library facility which features over 400 articles on the operational experience of ADFIAP’s member-institutions in many aspects of development bank management. It also contains presentations, speeches and photos from ADFIAP’s many conferences and training events.

As an advocacy platform, it articulates the Association’s sustainable development mission, i.e., economic, environment, social and governance and consists of books and manuals on ADFIAP’s advocacy work on corporate governance, environmental governance and SME finance.

As an online service and help desk, the website provides a variety of offerings, ranging from career development and institution-building programs of the Association’s Institute of Development Finance to business advice from the ADFIAP Consulting group and networking activities through ADFIAP’s various face-to-face meetings and virtually through the website’s online forum.

The website is however still a work in progress and many more features will be added soon. Please click here to experience what the new website has to offer!

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