ADFIAP attends ADB seminar on enhancing financial accessibility for SMEs

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PhotosADBADFIAP was invited to the “Seminar on Enhancing Financial Accessibility for SMEs: Lessons from National Practices on Improving Access to Finance in Asia and the Pacific” organized by the Asian Development Bank at the ADB Headquarters, Philippines on September 4-5, 2015. The objective of the event was to explore potential policy framework needed to scale up SME access to finance at the national and regional levels and provide inputs to the finalization of ADB’s Asia SME Finance Monitor 2014 and the Study Report on SME Participation in Global Value Chains.

The seminar participants discussed the emerging trends in SME finance and policies in Asia and the Pacific; identified key policy issues for improving SME access to finance under the era of global financial uncertainty; and encouraged policy discussions on innovative SME financing modality beyond measures already established.
The first day of the seminar addressed the findings from the Asia SME Finance Monitor 2014 which comprised of five sessions: (1) Emerging Trends in SME Finance and Policies; (2) National Efforts to Improving SME Access to Finance and Challenges; (3) Bank Lending and Financial Structure; (4) Diversification of Financing Models; and (5) Moving Forward. The second day addressed lessons from the ADB-ADBI study on SME participation in global value chains in Asia and the Pacific based on survey findings conducted in Kazakhstan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.. The seminar facilitated interactive discussions among all participants who came from government agencies, financial institutions, SME associations, the academe, development agencies, and international organizations.

ADFIAP was represented in the seminar by the ADFIAP Consulting Team composed of Ms. Cora D. Conde, Atty. Alberto Reyno, Ms. Cecilia Ibarra and Ms. Arleen Orencia as well as ADFIAP’s Mr. Victor Abainza and Ms. Sandra Honrado.

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