ADFIAP, CIPE Organize COP Seminar in Manila

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ADFIAP, in collaboration and with funding support from the Washington, D.C.-based Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), held the “Compliance Officership Program” (COP) on December 12-16, 2005 in Manila, Philippines.

The program aims to develop a corps of Compliance Officers (COs) in member-banks to institute good governance and anti-corruption initiatives and to set up Compliance Units (CUs) in their respective institutions to sustain the above efforts.

The program paved the way for the enhancement and strengthening of the function and role of the Compliance Officers (COs) in development banks from one of documentary compliance and public relations to being more proactive in the governance and anti-corruption due diligence policies and practices in their respective organizations. This also redounded to sounder internal business management systems as their function and relationship with other units of the banks begins to be clearer and more defined.

The program also initiated the formal organization of compliance units within the banks as the COs expanded function takes shape. These units will push for the earliest implementation and enforcement of good corporate governance and anti-corruption policy and practice in member-banks.

The participants attending workshop were trained by experts and in turn will become the “pointpersons” acting as the training facilitators to the four national workshops to be held in India, Fiji, Malaysia and China.

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