ADFIAP, DBK sign cooperation agreement

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ADFIAP and its member, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK), signed an agreement of mutual cooperation in Tehran , Iran , on the occasion of the 31st ADFIAP Annual Meetings. The agreement is an offshoot of DBK’s intention to coordinate the initiatives of the consortium of six bordering countries to promote investments through their development banks in their respective countries, namely, Uzbekistan , Kyrgyzstan , Tajikistan , Russia , China and Kazakhstan . ADFIAP was represented in the signing ceremony by its Secretary General, Mr. Octavio B. Peralta and DBK was represented by its Vice President, Mr. Gali Iskaliyev.

As stipulated in the agreement, both institutions will: (a) share experience, knowledge, ideas and lessons learned and generated by both parties in their respective fields; (b) plan joint activities in areas of common interest; (c) utilize and leverage their existing resources and facilities to mutual advantages and benefit; (c) collaborate on the promotion, preparation and organization of workshops and seminars; (d) jointly engage in dialogues and organize the meetings with other parties interested in activities being pursued under the agreement; (e) collaborate on ways to consult with other entities (associations, consortiums) engaged in similar, supplemental or related activities; (f) exchange information, documents, data and analytical tools if it is not contrary to the internal regulations of both parties; (g) undertake exchange of officers to share knowledge and expertise; and (g) other forms of collaboration that will redound to the mutual benefit of both parties.

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