ADFIAP delegates issue Ulaanbaatar Declaration

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DSC05745ADFIAP members and other delegates attending the 36th ADFIAP Annual Meetings held on May 22-24, 2013 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia issued the “The Joint ADFIAP-MNCCI Ulaanbaatar Declarations” a set of action plans to guide the Association and other delegates in pursuing their sustainable development missions.

Declaration No. 1
Initiating Partnerships for Advancing Sustainable Businesses

COMMITTING to sustainable development and its broad coverage of social, environmental, economic and governance aspirations and objectives, ADFIAP, MNCCI and their members will continue to develop, nurture and expand alliances, partnerships and collaborative undertakings in order to promote and advance the creation and growth of competitive, efficient and sustainable business enterprises.

Declaration No. 2
Facilitating SME Access to Financial and Technical Assistance

RECOGNIZING that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the main generators of employment and innovation in the economy, ADFIAP, MNCCI and their members will intensify their efforts to enhance existing programs and services as well as develop new ones to boost SMEs’ access to both financial and technical assistance to further spur the sector’s development and growth.

Declaration No. 3
Scaling up Financial Inclusion and Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives

EMPHASIZING that social responsibility is one of the key pillars of sustainable development, ADFIAP, MNCCI and their members will continue, in cooperation with like-minded institutions, to develop and scale up financial inclusion and social entrepreneurship initiatives such as, but not limited to, microfinance, impact investing, financial literacy programs, provision of technology-based financial services, improving credit information and asset registry systems and related endeavors.

Declaration No. 4
Enhancing Corporate Governance & Responsible Citizenship Programs

ACKNOWLEDGING that advancing sustainable development cannot be achieved without adherence to good corporate governance and responsible citizenship standards and best practices, ADFIAP, MNCCI and their members commit to support and sustain programs and initiatives that strengthen these principles and forge alliances with other organizations on these issues.

Declaration No. 5
Accelerating Green Investment in Infrastructure and Energy

ACKNOWLEDGING the enormity of investments required to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and environmental degradation, ADFIAP, MNCCI and their members will mobilize green investments, both from the adaptation and mitigation sides, for infrastructure development, clean and renewable energy, low-carbon transportation, water and sanitation, waste treatment, energy efficiency, green buildings and housing, sustainable agriculture and forests, and other related environmental projects.

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