ADFIAP Events Team Organizes Mongolian Microfinance Study Tour

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The business unit of the Association branded as ADFIAP Events has organized a microfinance study tour program in the Philippines for a seven-person delegation of the Micro Finance Development Fund of Mongolia (MDF). The four-day study program consists of various visits of the high-level delegation to microfinance institutions, banks and associations in Manila and its environs.

Among the institutions to be visited are the Asian Development Bank, the Central Bank of the Philippines, the Development Bank of the Philippines, Plantersbank, TSPI Development Corporation, Rural Bank Association of the Philippines, Microfinance Council of the Philippines, People’s Credit and Finance Corporation, and Ahon sa Hirap, Inc.

The MDF was formed in December 2002 and commenced its lending operations in March 2003. It was created and funded by the World Bank and jointly implemented by the Government of Mongolia and the World Bank. It is a wholesale lending institution focusing on micro-finance institutions (MFIs), with commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions as conduits, and with the aim of expanding and diversifying livelihood source and rural incomes, in general.

As a result of this visit, MDF has applied for membership in ADFIAP.

For more details on the program and for interest in the ADFIAP Events programs, please contact Ms. Sandy Lim, Senior Executive, Membership at

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