ADFIAP explores EU grant project team-up with Spanish chamber of commerce

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Yoli Velez and Luis Antonio MañeroIn furtherance of its mission to advance sustainable development through effective development finance, ADFIAP met with Mr. Luis Antonio Mañeru in his capacity as the Philippine contact of the Oviedo Chamber of Commerce to explore a possible team-up with the Spanish business organization on a project for an EU grant under its SWITCH programme in Asia. The aim of SWITCH Asia is to promote sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in the region by working simultaneously with producers and consumers on the ground and at the level of policy-making by supporting the formulation and implementation of SCP-related policies.

The initial concept revolves around harnessing both ADFIAP and Oviedo Chamber of Commerce’s networks and strengths in the area of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as their “green” initiatives. SMEs provide a common target group for both organizations in promoting sustainable development. On one hand, ADFIAP member-development banks provide project financing for SMEs to improve their business performance through the introduction of SCP technologies while on the other, Oviedo’s members in the SME sector can share their experiences and transfer their developed technologies in using SCP applications to various industry sectors across the region.

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