ADFIAP in e-Finance Forum

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Twelve delegates from nine ADFIAP member-institutions in seven countries participated in the “Regional Business Forum on e-Finance” on March 6-7, 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand, which was organized by the Geneva-based International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO (ITC) in cooperation with Thailand’s Software Industrial Promotion Agency (SIPA), the Thailand Investor Service Centre, the Ministry of Finance and the Association of Thai Software Industry (ATSI).

The forum was premised on the lack of affordable and workable e-finance technologies in developing countries that is considered to be a key impediment to e-commerce expansion and has disadvantaged SMEs vis-à-vis big companies in their operations. The event was also an attempt to demystify e-finance and covered the driving forces to e-finance applications, current winners and losers, and potential benefits it could offer to developing country-exporters.

The topics discussed during the event were: “Understanding Development in Online Finance and Banking”; “Building Supportive Environment to e-Finance”: “Migrating from Offline to Online: Needs and Solutions”; and “e-Finance How to Make it Profitable”.

The event was attended by about 145 participants from various institutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

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