ADFIAP, KfW to Hold Dialogue on SME Finance

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Building on ADFIAP and KfW Development Bank’s long history of relationship, synergy in learning from each other, and a scope for a strategic cooperation, particularly in boosting assistance to SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region, a Dialogue on SME Finance will be held in the German bank’s headquarters in Frankfurt on July 2-3, 2007.

The overall objective of this forum is to bring together CEOs and senior officers of member-development banks of ADFIAP and senior officials of KfW and other German institutions to discuss the main constraints to SME finance and the financial instruments and approaches that have the greatest potential to promote SMEs’ growth in the region. The event will also be a platform to explore latest developments, to share lessons learned, and to forge new connections in increasing SMEs’ access to capital. It will also be the venue to discuss further the ADFIAP Enterprise Fund concept.

The key questions to be answered by presentations and discussions at the forum include:

* What are the main barriers to SME finance in Asia-Pacific and Germany?
* How can innovative financial services and fund structures increase access to capital by SMEs?
* What are the appropriate roles of public and private financial institutions?
* Who are the sectors’ key actors in Asia-Pacific and Germany?
* How can these actors strengthen cooperation to promote SMEs’ growth and development?

Approximately twenty participants is expected to attend the forum, including CEOs and senior officers of ADFIAP member-banks, managers from KfW, as well as representatives from BMZ, IKB Deutsche Industriebank, GTZ, InWEnt, and the German Chamber of Commerce.

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