ADFIAP organizes 3 study tour programs for Sri Lanka’s RDB

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Upon the request of member, Rural Development Bank (RDB) of Sri Lanka, ADFIAP’s Asia-Pacific Institute of Development Finance (IDF) is organizing three study tour programs (STPs) for 3 batches of participants from the Bank to learn and observe activities, projects, and practices of ADFIAP members in the Philippines . The first STP was held on June 12-16, 2018 , with 40 RDB officers and staff attending.

The participants were welcomed by ADFIAP Secretary General, Octavio B. Peralta, who also gave them a general overview of development banking while ADFIAP Deputy Secretary General, Norman Tilos, made a presentation on fintech opportunities for MSMEs within the agricultural value chain. Subsequently, they visited the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), and Esquire Financing Inc.

The IFAD visit provided the participants with an overview of its operation and were given a presentation on “Rural Development: Convergence on Value Chain Enhancement for Rural Growth and Empowerment Project”. The LBP visit gave them insights on the Bank’s agricultural value chain financing scheme for farmers, fishermen, and entrepreneurs; financial instruments to support agricultural value chain financing; and strategies utilized to manage risks in agricultural finance. At the DBP, the attendees learned the SME and other business enterprise lending programs of the Bank; cooperative lending facilities; sustainable agribusiness value chain financing program for priority crops and organic agriculture programs; and strategies to manage risk in agriculture finance while at Esquire Financing Inc., they learned the operations and lending processes of the institution.

The second and third batches of the RDB study tour programs will be held on June 19-23, 2018 and on July 10-14, 2018 in Manila, respectively.

For more details of ADFIAP’s STPs, please contact Ms. Sandra Honrado, ADFIAP Training Executive at

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