ADFIAP participates in Asian Solidarity Economy Forum

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Consistent with its advocacy on advancing sustainable development, ADFIAP participated in the Asian Solidarity Economy Forum (ASEF) Philippines 2012 held on October 26-27, 2012 at Hotel Stotsenberg, Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga, Philippines. ASEF’s aim is to contribute to sustainable development by raising awareness on the capacities of social and solidarity enterprises to build sustainable communities.

Over 300 delegates coming from the public, corporate and social enterprise sectors participated in the forum. ADFIAP was represented in the forum by Ms. Corazon D. Conde, Head of ADIAP Consulting and Ms. Sandra Honrado, Senior Executive, Programs, upon invitation of Dr. Benjamin R. Quinones, Jr., Vice Chairman and CEO of On Eagle’s Wings Development Foundation Philippines, Inc. and Chairperson of the Asian Solidarity Economy Council (ASEC).

ASEF is taking a bold step towards a “new recipe for sustainable development” by calling for the shifting from manufacturing-led export growth to a less energy and resource intensive model of growth – sustainable communities – where people thrive to enjoy good health and create a dignified quality of life. It aims for the triple bottom line goals of People (enhanced social wellbeing), Planet (healthy climate/environment) and Profit (economic security). While these 3Ps are the necessary conditions for a sustainable community to exist, there must also be sufficient conditions for growth and development, such as socially responsible governance and edifying values that bring people together in harmonious endeavor.

ASEF’s new model of development is anchored on solidarity economy (SE) which is based on the solidarity between producers and consumers wherein the consumers agree and commit to buy products of community-based supply chains. It is the purchasing power of local consumers that finance the production of domestic goods and services. Seven (7) live models of SE from Indonesia (SE Model); Cambodia (Ecotourism); and the Philippines (Rice, Coco Sugar, Coffee, Onion and Chicken) were showcased and evaluated by the delegates during the World Café on the basis of five (5) strategic dimensions: (1) socially-responsible governance; (2) edifying values; (3) social development services to the community; (4) ecological conservation measures; and (5) economic sustainability. The forum was capped by the crafting by the delegates of a shared vision of social and solidarity economy (SSE) and the action plan to concretize the SSE vision.

ASEF was jointly undertaken by ASEC Philippines composed of On Eagle’s Wings Development Foundation Philippines Inc., APPEND, Inc., Foundation for a Sustainable Society Inc., World Fair Trade Organization Asia, and the Federation of People’s Sustainable Development Cooperatives, with the Department of Agriculture, the Angeles City government and the member institutions of the ASEF National Organizing Committee

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