ADFIAP, partners successfully hold GSFC 8

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ADFIAP and its partners, the European Organization for Sustainable Development (EOSD), the Association of African Development Finance Institutions (AADFI) and the City of Karlsruhe, successfully held the 8th Global Sustainable Finance Conference (GCSF 8) in Karlsruhe, Germany on July 12-13, 2018. Over 100 delegates from 24 countries around the world attended the event.

The brief opening session featured welcome addresses by the Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe, Dr. Frank Mentrup, ADFIAP Secretary General, Mr. Octavio B. Peralta and AADFI Secretary General, Mr. Joseph Amihere.

The overall objective of the GSFC is to contribute in the sustainability transformation of the financial services industry by providing an international forum for key stakeholders from across the world to share knowledge and experiences and to work together for a strong, fair, safe and resilient financial services industry that works in harmony with the natural environment.

The conference covered a wide range of sustainable finance topics presented in three sessions, namely: Session 1: “Transition to a Green, Digital and Sustainable Economy: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for Financial Sector”; Session 2: “From Silos to Systems: An Integrated Approach for Financing Sustainable Development” and Session 3: “Sustainable Finance for All: Powering Micro to Large Enterprises for a 21st Century Economy”, with 20 speakers and moderators, presenting and interacting with the participants.

There was a high level of engagement among all the delegates and rich discussions on issues that are reshaping the entire landscape of banking and finance, sharing win-win solutions and great ideas in making financial industry a powerful player in creating a sustainable world.

The conference was also the occasion for the presentation of the Global Sustainable Finance Awards 2017 (please see related story) recognizing outstanding achievements of financial institutions around the world in sustainable project financing, innovative financial services and business sustainability.

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