ADFIAP publishes its 5th consecutive annual sustainability report

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SR Cover Page 2ADFIAP has published its Sustainability Report 2012, its 5th consecutive dating back to 2008. For a change, the report has been formatted as a magazine for easy-to-refer-to information on the Association and its members as well as colorful graphical data representation for better reader appreciation on the economic, social, environmental and governance programs and practices of the Association and its members. The edition also showcases what members have achieved in terms of supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs), infrastructure projects, financial inclusion and environmental initiatives.

The magazine also provides information on the Association’s financial and stakeholder relationship performance for the 12-month period from January to December 2012 as well as comparative data for the past five years (2008-2012). All five reports are available on ADFIAP’s website in PDF file format.

The report used the “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines – G3” developed by the de facto sustainability reporting world standard, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). While ADFIAP’s sustainability performance remains at application level C, it is committed to the GRI process and has been registering its sustainability reports with the GRI disclosure database since 2008. This demonstrates the Association’s commitment to advocating for sustainable development and to providing transparency on its sustainability commitments, policies and practices.

Please click this link:, to view the sustainability report. For interest on how ADFIAP can assist members in their sustainability reporting, please email at

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