ADFIAP Secretariat shares association management experience with PAWD

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On the request of the Philippine Association of Water Districts, Inc. (PAWD), the ADFIAP Secretariat met with its PAWD counterparts and shared its experience on association management in a briefing held at the ADFIAP International Headquarters on November 8, 2012.

The ADFIAP Secretariat, led by its Secretary General, Mr. Octavio B. Peralta, presented the Association’s strategy, structure and business model, including how its service units, namely, the Institute of Development Finance (IDF) and the ADFIAP Consulting (AC) as well as its operations units, i.e., membership, knowledge management and finance and administration, function and organize their respective activities. The unit heads then took turns to make presentations of their own unit’s roles and activities. This sharing of experiences provides ADFIAP with an opportunity to communicate its work and advocacy to other associations such as PAWD and as part of its outreach and collaboration initiatives.

For ADFIAP, those who made presentations were Ms. Sandy Lim (membership & event management), Ms. Sandra Honrado (IDF, grants & programs), Mr. Enrique Florencio (knowledge management), Mr. Robert Juan (information office), Ms. Lori Cervantes (finance & administration) and Ms. Cora D. Conde, Group Head of ADFIAP Consulting. PAWD was represented by its President, Engr. Alfredo Silva, Mr. Jay Tecson, Water and Sanitation Specialist, Ms. Ma. Teresa C. Combatir, Office Manager and three more officers.

ADFIAP and its members have been involved in water financing. In 2009, ADFIAP worked with USAID’s Environmental Cooperation-Asia (Eco-Asia) programme in organizing a regional water finance forum and in publishing a guidebook on developing a regional water financing strategy for development finance institutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

PAWD is the umbrella organization of all duly organized water districts (WDs) in the Philippines committed to promote and foster the well being of all the water districts in the country.

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