ADFIAP shares members’ CSR success stories at global summit

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Marco Polo Davao PictureADFIAP, represented by its Knowledge Management Unit Head & Sustainability Officer, Mr. Enrique Florencio, spoke on the Association’s sustainable agenda and shared its members’ CSR success stories during the 5th Global CSR Summit & Awards 2013 held on April 19-20, 2013 at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City in Southern Philippines. The event was attended by more than a hundred delegates from various business sectors in Asia and the Pacific region.

The conference served as a platform for the delegates to exchange views, ideas and best practices on corporate social responsibility (CSR) aimed at helping various business communities and governments to better understand the important role that CSR plays in eliminating poverty in the region.

The organizer of the forum, Singapore-based Pinnacle Group International, is a leader in the conference industry in Asia and has been at the forefront of the sustainability debate, introducing cutting-edge ideas and issues to the Asian business community.

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