ADFIAP, SMART Cebu partners hold 2nd annual review and planning meeting

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ADFIAP and its partner-business membership organizations (BMOs) together with lead project manager SEQUA of Germany met in Cebu City in central Philippines on March 8, 2011 to review the 2-year accomplishments of the EU grant-funded SMART Cebu project as well as to present plans for its 3rd year of implementation. SMART Cebu stands for SMEs for Environmental Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency in Cebu. In trade shows abroad, the SMART Cebu brand is being marketed as “Sustainable Materials Artistically Rendered Trendsetting Cebu Creations.

The project is aimed at increasing the competitiveness and productivity of Cebu small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through their respective chambers of commerce (BMOs) in three sectors, namely, furniture and furnishings, fashion accessories, and gift, toys and house wares by instituting sustainable consumption and production (SCP) related processes and practices in, among others, cleaner production, energy and resource efficiency as well as to contribute to an overall greener environment.

The 3rd Year Plan will focus on the implementation of the following activities: Eco-Design and Scientific Program, Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production or RECP Program, Trade Show Participation, Green Finance Program, Advocacy Program and Sustainability Program. AC Group Head, Ms. Cora D. Conde presented ADFIAP’s Green Finance Program.
ADFIAP’s main role in the project is to advocate for SCP through training, technical assistance and green lending programmes by DFI-members to these sectors in their pursuit of an environmentally-responsible, economically-viable and socially-oriented projects which are within the scope of work and advocacies of the Association.

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